English Summary

The Public Diplomacy Initiativkreis is an independent initiative with the aim to foster tolerance and international understanding on all cultural levels. We strive to contribute to an understanding of public diplomacy based on mutual respect at eye-level and the importance of learning from each other.

To achieve our aims, we organize intercultural projects and information tours for foreign journalists in cooperation with our partners from politics, science, media and business. We strongly believe in the importance of providing our guests from abroad with the full spectrum of information on the topic at hand, including conflicting or critical political, cultural and economic positions. We don’t think that we need to hide our pluralistic society – on the contrary. And as we’ve seen over and over again: Getting to know different opinions is the best driver for a constructive and interesting dialogue.

About public diplomacy

Compared with traditional diplomacy, public diplomacy is a relatively new concept and reflects the changing ways of communication and dialogue in a globalized and technologically advanced world. To enter into a dialogue and communicate with foreign nations, it is not sufficient anymore to limit the contacts between states to professional diplomats – every citizen who has something to say, be it as part of an organization, as a journalist or even as a private person, can be seen as a representative of his or her country. We think it is important to engage in a dialogue with each other, work on the current political, economic and environmental challenges and thus achieve something valuable together. This is our understanding of good public diplomacy.